Keystone Augusta Group is a single family office founded by brothers David and Robert Mullings, based in Orlando, Florida. The group manages investments in private businesses covering a range of industries. We are entrepreneurial investors and based on our experience as business operators, we seek to minimize downside risk while leveraging our network to maximize upside potential.

our criteria

Keystone Augusta Group primarily focuses on investments in existing, profitable businesses, taking minority or majority stakes and helping management to grow the companies. Periodically the firm is willing to help found early-stage ventures provided the right partners are involved.

The ideal firm is generating between US$1m and US$5m in revenue, margins above 20%, profitable, able to pay a dividend and servicing Fortune 2000 firms.


Keystone Augusta Group is a value investor and focused on long-term growth of all firms we invest in. Thanks to our extensive network, we are able to open doors at many large firms and connect companies with potential clients and customers.

Our private equity arm seeks to find under-valued companies with good management, domiciled in strong growth industries and then invest for the long-term.

our advantage

As a family office, we have no complex layers of committees to make investment decisions and can leverage the personal networks of our founders and their board. We are entrepreneurial and bring experience starting and growing companies that can reduce downside risk for firms we maintain an interest in while also identifying synergies across the group.


Keystone Augusta believes in giving back through charitable donations focused on entrepreneurship and education, mainly in the Caribbean. Our endowment fund is now being seeded.

our vision

It is our goal to create wealth for our investors by providing access to high-performing hedge funds and solid growth companies; to preserve capital while providing better than market returns and to use the wealth we create to do good and to give back to society.

contact us

Our team is currently spread between Orlando, Florida and Kingston, Jamaica.

If you believe that you have an opportunity that fits our investment philosophy feel free to send a two-page executive summary to us at bigideas@keystoneaugusta.com with a basic overview. Be aware that our policy is not to sign Non Disclosure Agreements in the first instance. This is because we receive many proposals which are often similar to those suggested by others, or to ideas which we have already developed internally.